Defence News: China Preparing For Modern Warfare – Not Humans, Robotic Soldiers, Dogs To Be Used In Combat Next

China has been holding military exercises around Taiwan. It has also entered into skirmishes with India on multiple occasions. China’s People’s Liberation Army recently carried out a two-day large-scale military exercise surrounding Taiwan. During a recent joint military exercise with Cambodia, the PLA displayed the capabilities of its robotic dog which has been equipped to handle and shoot using high-end guns. 

The video of the robotic dog participating in the military drill has gone viral on social media. Chinese state media Global Times reported that the technical sophistication of the intelligent equipment shows that it can greatly enhance combat efficiency and reduce casualties. As per reports, countries like China, America, and other developed countries are working to develop human like robots that can be deployed in wars. 

Chinese Robot Dog Soldier

The robotic dog weighs 15 kilograms and is equipped with a 4D super-wide-angle sensing system. As per the reports, the robotic dog has a battery and power system that allows it to operate for two to four hours. It can also perform manoeuvres such as forward and backward movement, jumping, crouching, and independently arranging movement routes to avoid obstacles to close in on its target in less time. It’s operated using a remote control and sends data to the command centre in real-time.

During the recent drill, the robot was using QBZ-95 assault rifle. As per Chinese media reports, another bigger version of the robot dog weighs more than 50 kilograms and can conduct armed assault missions. The Global Time said, “The drills show that the PLA has been intensively testing multiple types of robot dogs in terms of technologies and tactics….Capable of accompanying troops in high-risk tasks, robot dogs can greatly enhance combat efficiency and reduce casualty.”

The world is already witnessing the extensive use of explosive drones by Ukraine against Russia. The drones are so lethal that it doesn’t give time to soldiers or tanks to escape. 

Where Does the Indian Army Stand?

Countries across the globe are increasingly using modern warfare equipment including drones and robots. The Indian Army is still behind China or the United States in this. At present, the Indian Army has been spotted only with the reconnaissance robotic dogs. However, as per reports, the army is looking to procure or develop AI-enabled tactical combat robots also called a tactical Unmanned Ground Combat Vehicle (UGCV), similar to one being used by China.