Debina Bonnerjee reveals she was hesitant to buy pregnancy kit from a medical store as she just had a baby – Times of India

While Debina Bonnerjee and Gurmeet Choudhary are expecting their second baby just four months after giving birth to Lianna, the former shared in her vlog about how she discovered being pregnant again.

Debina, who has her own vlog, shared how hesitant she was to visit a medical store for a pregnancy kit. She shared, “I was feeling a bit uneasy and the days were very hectic. From the word go, I was extremely active. I thought it might be due to the unrest and I let it go. But I kept feeling a bit uneasy. I am very aware of my body and I can figure out if something is wrong. I felt different. Even Gurmeet thought it is because of me being tired. I wanted to check by myself and I felt bit awkward to go to a medical store and buy a pregnancy kit as everyone knew I just had a baby. So I just ordered online.”

Debina further shared that she kept dilly-dallying until she finally decided to take the pregnancy test at home. When she found out that she is pregnant again, Debina shared what came to her mind. “I was shocked, I was extremely happy, I thought what to do next, these were the three feelings I went through,” added Debina.

The actress further added, “In the past 5-7 years I lived with the thought that my body has lost the natural capacity to conceive. My body is not up to the mark.”

Debina and Gurmeet are extremely happy and called this second pregnancy a ‘miracle’. They became parents to baby girl Lianna in April this year and announced second pregnancy a few days ago.

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