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Debate resumes after RSS’s decision to drop books on ideals – Bharat Times Hindi News – World Latest News Headlines

The heated debate has been going on for almost two weeks. Eventually books related to the RSS were removed from the curriculum of Kannur University in northern Kerala. VD Savarkar and MS Golwalkar will no longer be taught at the postgraduate level of the university. The university administration announced the decision on Thursday.

The vice-chancellor of the university said, ‘The syllabus of last year will continue this time also. However, the government had decided to form a two-member committee to revise the syllabus. Meanwhile, the Muslim Chhatra Sangathan, the student wing of the Congress, started an agitation, objecting to the syllabus. They also burnt copies of the book. However, the SFI and the university vice-chancellor claimed that it was being taught at the postgraduate level. Students will understand the good and bad of the ideal. Congress MP Shashi Tharoor and Governor Arif Mohammad Khan also said, “Intellectual freedom should not be taken away in the name of politics”.

Shashi Tharoor said, “If you don’t read his books, on what basis will you oppose that ideology?” The Governor said, ‘Students need to read books related to all kinds of ideals. Then they will decide. India is a free thinking country. No book should be banned here. According to relevant sources of the university, who is VD Savarkar’s Hindu? Golwalkar’s ‘We or Our Nationalism Defined’, Deendayal Upadhyay’s Integral Humanism, and Balraj Madhok’s Indianisation, What, Why and How were included in the curriculum along with 30 other books.


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