‘Darshan Has Anger Issues, People Talk To Him Carefully’, Says Actor Anusha Rai Amid Murder Probe – News18

Anusha Rai extends support to Darshan amid Renuka Swamy murder probe. (Photo: Instagram)

Anusha Rai extends support to Darshan amid Renuka Swamy murder probe. (Photo: Instagram)

Anusha Rai also talked about Darshan’s alleged links to the murder case and mentioned that the Kannada actor is always very “kind” to his fans.

Kannada actress Anusha Rai has admitted that Darshan Thoogudeepa has anger issues. In a recent interview, Rai claimed that people talk to Darshan “carefully” and added even she does not cross her limits while interacting with the Kannada star.

“Yes, he has anger issues but he is also very humble and good. He doesn’t get angry about everything and people who talk to him, talk to him carefully. When I speak to him, I keep within my limits. Darshan has also admitted openly that he has anger issues in his interviews,” Anusha told Hindustan Times.

The comment comes at a time when Darshan is being probed for his alleged links to the Renuka Swamy murder case. Swamy, who used to reportedly work at an Apollo Pharmacy branch, was found dead in Bengaluru on June 8, 2024. it has been alleged that Renuka used to send vulgar messages to Kannada actress Pavithra Gowad, a friend of Darshan. Angry about this, Renuka Swamy was murdered and his dead body was allegedly thrown in a canal at Kamaksshipalya, Bengaluru in front of Darshan.

Reportedly, eight of the accused have implicated Darshan, claiming his presence during Renuka Swamy’s assault. The Kannada star was arrested by the Bengaluru police from Mysuru on June 11 following which he was sent to police custody.

Talking about Darshan’s alleged links to the murder case, Anusha Rai expressed shock and mentioned how the Kannada actor is always very “kind” to his fans. “He is very sweet and kind. He told me that he serves his fans food only once a year on his birthday but they are the ones who feed him 365 days a year and it was because of them he was living a good life. Another thing he told me was that he had told his fans not to tattoo his name but their parents – do you know Darshan has got a tattoo on his chest that says Nanna Celebrities because he calls his fans celebrities?” she said and then added, “How can such a caring person be involved in a crime like this? He is still an accused – not a convicted criminal. So instead of talking all this BS about him, wait for the law to take its course.”

Rai is not the first actress who has come out in support of Darshan. Previously, Kannada actress Rachita Ram urged the media to be “unbiased and transparent” while talking about the probe. “I pray for the departed soul, Renukaswamy. I hope his family gains the strength to bear the loss. I hope justice will be delivered in this murder case. Darshan introduced me to the cinema industry. He is like my mentor. I cannot believe that the person who used to correct my mistakes and guide me was involved in the case. I believe that the police will bring out the truth. Hope the media will remain unbiased and transparent in their reports,” her statement read.