Criticized for her funny post, actress Divyanka Tripathi responds with sarcasm

Divyanka shared two pictures with funny captions, after which she got trolled.

Sharing her photo on Instagram, Divyanka recently wrote how she could not sleep due to ‘Indian mosquitoes’.

Popular TV actress and Khatron Ke Khiladi fame Divyanka Tripathi Dahiya is loved by the audience for her work. She is away from TV shows these days but remains very active on social media. She often shares her dance videos and pictures with her fans. Recently she shared two pictures with funny captions, after which she got trolled.

However, Divyanka also did not sit peacefully. He gave a befitting reply to the trollers. Sharing two pictures on Instagram on January 13, Divyanka wrote, “The famous Indian mosquito was my alarm clock today. Hope you all have a better night? #Good morning.”

A user did not like this post of the actress and called it insulting. Commenting on the post, he wrote that the use of the word Indian mosquito sounds ‘very derogatory to the country’. The user also said that he is a big fan of the actress but does not appreciate the coined word.

However, later the user deleted his comment. However, before the user could delete it, Divyanka took a screenshot of the comment. He posted it on his Instagram story with a sarcastic reply. The actress wrote that she is in India and mosquitoes too. He is a famous Indian and mosquitoes can be famous too. Divyanka asked why this prejudice between humans and insects? She mentioned that the caption was meant to be funny.

Referring to the user, he said that on a serious note he asked the user to be mature and genuine instead of being an uber-sensitive Indian, if they want to be serious. She said that next to her house in India there is an open sewage and there are mosquitoes. And it’s true. She said that there are mosquitoes in the Amazon jungle so if she says that will the people living in the Amazon feel bad? He advised the user not to get serious on such small things.

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