Cristiano Ronaldo’s problem


A few days ago the Manchester United player, Cristiano Ronaldo, gave an interview on English television that set his team on fire because he said he had been betrayed and put his coach Erik ten Hag in a terrible position. 

The interview came out when the striker is already concentrating with his national team, Portugal, to face his fifth World Cup. This angered the team even more and they have to wait for the player to clarify the situation, but it seems that the relationship between the two is totally broken. 

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Ronaldo is in big trouble and his fate is very uncertain 

The coach wiped him out 

After the interview, it was logical that the Dutch coach exploded. What’s more, it is known that he spoke directly to the board of directors and told them that he no longer counted on the Portuguese. The relationship between the two is very bad and it all started in the pre-season. 

Let’s remember that when Ten Hag took over the team, he hoped to be able to count on the Portuguese star from the beginning to be able to talk to him and convince him of his football idea. 

But Ronaldo did not show up for the team’s tour, as he was looking for another team, because Manchester United did not qualify for the Champions League and he told the board that he did not see the team working and that he did not think they would win anything with the Dutchman at the helm. 

This got to Ten Hag’s ears and he cut Cristiano, who in the end had to stay in England because no team would buy him, due to his high salary. Already reluctant, the striker rejoined the team but was relegated to the bench, which he did not like at all. 

The rejection of the coach has brought their relationship to breaking point, and the interview came at the worst possible time because there will be no confrontation between them, as Cristiano went to the World Cup leaving Manchester with anger on the surface. 

The striker went all out against the board and coach. That will obviously have consequences, but he waited until the last minute to make it known, and he didn’t show his face. That’s not right in any way. 

They don’t want him, but it’s complicated 

It’s a fact, they don’t want him and the winter transfer window is the perfect window for the striker to leave for another team, but it’s not an easy situation. Neither of the two wants to lose, and the situation that happened in the summer could present itself. 

United doesn’t want to let him go for less than 50 million euros, and no team is willing to pay that amount for a 37-year-old striker, even if he is Cristiano Ronaldo. During the summer window, several teams made inquiries, but none wanted to make the investment. 

Chelsea came close, but it was the coach himself, Tuchel, who pulled the plug on the deal because he doesn’t want to rely on a single striker. It didn’t work in his system and he didn’t want an ego like CR7’s in his dressing room. 

Cristiano doesn’t want to give in either. His salary is around 15 million per season. That makes him the highest paid in the team and one of the highest salaries in the Premier League. 

That’s a tab not many teams can afford. When he spoke to several teams playing in the Champions League, most of them backed out, because it’s a salary that puts them in trouble because of financial Fair Play and because after the pandemic, many teams changed their payrolls because they went into crisis. 

Most of the teams made their players reduce their salaries, Cristiano was one of the few who didn’t want to do it, precisely because he doesn’t like it. Bayern Munich were very interested in him, but they asked him to lower his salary by almost 40%, Ronaldo did not accept and the contract fell through. 

Things have hardly changed and teams are no longer willing to pay big salaries, that leaves the Portuguese very unprotected and he has very limited options to continue playing with the same salary. 

There are options 

This does not mean that the striker has to stay and not play. He has options, but he does not want to take them because he wants to continue competing at the highest level. Saudi Arabia offered to cover his salary, but he does not want to play in such a league. The same case with MLS, the Americans see no problem in adjusting their salary cap to accommodate the Lusitanian, but Ronaldo wants to remain in the elite of world football. 

The German option is still on the table. Bayern want him to join a team that is a machine, they see in CR7 as a tool to make them invincible and regain the European throne and as the perfect complement to Sadio Mané. 

English media report that there are already talks again, but the Bavarian club’s stance is the same, he needs to lower his salary in order to arrive. This time, a small sacrifice would be made on both sides, because Ronaldo does not want to stay in Manchester. 

What will happen? 

The situation does not look good for either of them. The forward is living an unpleasant moment that got worse with the interview he gave. Erik ten Hag definitely doesn’t want to see him again and the board that loved him so much has already broken off relations with him. 

There is no doubt that the Portuguese is still at a spectacular level. Any team would be very strong with his presence on the pitch. But as Florentino Pérez said in the leaked audios of the Madrid president, he is a complicated character because of his ego. 

Worst of all, he has divided the team’s fans, who defend and attack him. Old Trafford, if he returns, will be a hive of expectation and that is not good for the situation of the team that is looking to get back to the top and has a very important game against Barcelona in the Europa League. That kind of noise is not good and affects the mood in the dressing room. 

The healthiest thing to do is for everyone to take a different path, but neither of them is giving in and it seems difficult for things to come to a good end. The prodigal son did not have the best return to the club that gave him everything. What should Cristiano Ronaldo do?