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new South Wales Another 12,226. Has been recorded COVID-19 cases and one death, while Victoria has 5,137 infections and 13 deaths – but has a lower ICU rate.

The number of hospitals in NSW now stands at 746, caring for 625 COVID patients as of Wednesday, compared to a shortfall of two compared to 395 in Victorian hospitals.

There has been a slight increase in intensive care admissions in NSW with 63 residents currently in ICU, up from 61 the day before. In Victoria, 55 are in critical care.

Despite the surge in cases omicronOnly a handful of Australians are in intensive care.

New South Wales records another 12,226 COVID-19 cases and one death, while Victoria’s infections rise by 5,137 – but ICU rates remain low

In NSW only 0.1 percent of cases of the variant are in the ICU, which applies to 0.3 percent of Victorians.

Recently released data from NSW Health showed that the majority of hospitalizations were for people with or without the delta variant.

Only one patient has died with Omicron in Australia, a man in his 80s with underlying health conditions who caught it at his Sydney nursing home.

Australia’s top doctor, Paul Kelly, said the results showed Omicron’s severity was low.

“In terms of severity … we now know that it is likely to be less severe than other forms of the virus,” the chief health officer said.

Recently released data by NSW Health showed that the majority of hospitalizations were for people with or without the delta variant (test queue pictured in North Ride, Sydney)

‘How much less serious is still an open question. I’ve seen estimates ranging from 15 percent less severe to 80 percent less severe.’

Meanwhile research by South African scientists has suggested that people who catch the Omicron variant may be better protected against other strains, such as Delta.

The study focused on 33 vaccinated and unvaccinated people who contracted Omicron in South Africa and found that these people, especially those who were double waxed, had ‘increased immunity’ to the delta variant Was. Was.

This comes as changes are expected to be made regarding PCR tests for international travel.

Thursday’s cases are another daily record for NSW but ICU rates remain stable

Dominic Perot and Danielle Andrews both want to eliminate the need for international arrivals for PCR testing, which could free up space in queues for sick people.

Such a pivot is expected for holiday-hungry Australians traveling abroad this summer, as they won’t have to waste a day waiting in line or worrying about getting tested on time.

International arrivals, including returning Australian passengers, are currently forced to undergo a PCR test within 24 hours of arriving Down Under.

The matter will be discussed in the national cabinet on Thursday.

More than 93 percent of the NSW population aged 16 and over have been double vaccinated.

The vaccination rate for people 12 years of age and older in Victoria is 92 percent.

Thousands waited for hours to receive a COVID test as test queues filled across the country (pictured in Melbourne)