Court jamadar suspended for taking tips from lawyers via Paytm in court premises — Read full story here

New Delhi: The Allahabad High Court has suspended a jamadar for taking money from lawyers through Paytm inside the court premises. The picture has gone viral on the internet. The incident took place in the Allahabad High Court on Thursday. Chief Justice Rajesh Bindal found the matter very serious and recommended action against him. The matter was placed before the Chief Justice by Justice Ajit Kumar through a letter.

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The suspension order of the Court Jamadar states: In the order dated 29.11.2022 of the Hon’ble Chief Justice, passed after considering the letter dated 29.11.2022 of Hon’ble Mr. Justice Ajit Singh calling for strict action against the Court Jamadar has been done. , Shri Rajendra Kumar-1,Staff. No. 5098, Bundle Lifter, is wanted to carry Sri Rajendra Kumar-I, Employee, for using Paytm Wallet in Court Premises. No. 5098, Bundle Lifter, attached with His Lordship as Court Jamadar, stands suspended with immediate effect.

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However, they will be provided subsistence allowance during the suspension period, the suspension order further stated. But he should not be engaged in any other employment, trade, profession or occupation. He shall remain attached to the Nazarat Section of this Hon’ble Court and shall not leave the station during the entire period of suspension without the prior permission of the undersigned.