‘Country needs alternative agenda, not regrouping’, says KCR on Oppn’s efforts for ‘unity’ to challenge BJP

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Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrashekar Rao addresses the plenary session of Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) on the occasion of its 21st foundation day, in Hyderabad

Telangana Chief Minister K Chandra Sekhar Rao on Wednesday said that the country needs not a political front, but an alternative agenda. His remarks calling for an ’emergence of a “new political force”‘ came amid rumors of his party Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS)’s alliance with other opposition parties to challenge BJP in the upcoming 2024 polls.

The CM adressed his party’s 21st Foundation Day celebrations in Hyderabad. During his speech, he said that he had turned down the Left parties’ idea of ​​dislodging the ruling BJP at the Center and insisted that uplifting people’s lives was more important.

Rao also expressed concern over divisive politics and stressed that a “new political force” should emerge in which TRS is ready to play a key role for the nation’s development.

Highlighting the growth story of Telangana to 3,000-odd delegates present at the event, he said the state has emerged as a role model for others in various sectors and even the country has not performed the way the state has done.

The party has taken Telangana on a growth trajectory and will work for the development of the nation, he added.

“What is required and desirable are not political fronts. Many such fronts have come, what happened? Not political realignment, what is required is an alternative agenda,” Rao said amid speculation that he would announce a political front today, even as he had made efforts to forge a coalition of non-BJP parties to take on the saffron party.

An alternative agenda is required as the country has not realized its full potential despite having vast natural and human resources, KCR said.

Also, the country is witnessing communal strife with recent incidents in Delhi and Karnataka while the emphasis should have been on development and people’s welfare irrespective of religion, the CM said while making a veiled attack on BJP.

‘Attack on federal structure’

He also said that there is attack on the federal structure with Governors in some states like Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu not approving of proposals submitted by the respective state governments.

Water wars and power sector woes are a reality across the country, he said, adding that even Telangana could have achieved higher state GDP of Rs 14.50 lakh crore had the Center performed like the state government did.

Against this backdrop, the TRS supremo said instead of any political front, a process to build a great nation should take place.

“Time will decide what will happen in the process,” he said, adding that it is a matter of pride for Telangana if the endeavor to improve the country begins from the southern state.

‘Narrow-minded policies being witnessed in India’

The party has decided to work for the progress of the nation as well in view of the “narrow minded policies and tendencies” being witnessed in the country, he added.

Stating that he is opposed to the idea of ​​dislodging any party from power merely for the sake of it, Rao said, “I said no when communist leaders came with an idea to dislodge the BJP from power. I feel that uplifting people’s lives is more important than dislodging any party.”

Telangana has achieved immense growth with implementation of several schemes like bringing transparency in land record portal ‘Dharani’ and is emerging as a role model to others.

“I have been in public life for the last 50 years. We have been able to achieve this growth with single minded focus. Our state GDP was about Rs 5 lakh crore in 2014 which has now reached Rs 11.50 lakh crore. We are progressing well , he said.

Rao, however cautioned not to be satisfied with these achievements and called for further efforts. He is also stressed on the need to have an integrated national agricultural policy and modern economic politics for overall development of the country.

He said TRS has assets worth Rs 1000 crore.

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