Corbewax: Biological E Pegs Corbewax at Rs.990/dose. Hyderabad News – Times of India

Hyderabad: Vaccine maker Biological E has decided to fix the price of its Kovid-19 vaccine. Corbewax BE Managing Director Mahima Datla said on Wednesday that in the private market, excluding GST, at Rs 800 per dose, which is up to Rs 990 including tax and administration charges, even the price for government supplies is Rs 145. per dose.
Datla said this was to ensure government supplies at the most affordable prices. “It is a no-profit-no-loss kind of pricing, but it will not help us recover the investment we have made in capital infrastructure deployment,” said Datla. The company helped the exchequer save around Rs 1,500 crore. ,
Bio e plans to test vaccine on babies
Datla had earlier indicated in an exclusive interview to The Times of India that Corbevax would be priced at a premium to Serum Institute Cowishield As head-to-head comparator trials had shown the effectiveness of CORBEVAX is much better than Covishield. While Covashield is being administered at ₹780 per dose in private hospitals, Covaxin is being given at ₹1,410 per dose. The announcement of the private market price for Corbevax came on a day when the government opened immunization to children aged 12-14 years using only this receptor binding, domain-based protein sub-unit vaccine, which can be administered as a single injection via intramuscular injection. administered at intervals. 28 days.
Corbevax can be stored at 2 to 8 °C. Dutta said that even though the company has submitted interim results of the Phase III trial of Corbavax on children in the age group of 5-11 years to the Indian drug regulator for review, the company is yet to test the vaccine on infants below the age of six months. intends to. Talking about the private market, BE officials said that the company was ready to launch the vaccine immediately for adults in the age group of 12-14 years as well, but expects less than 10% of the total vaccine supply. Fewer will go to private hospitals as the government already was. Make Covid-19 vaccines easily available.
On Corbevax’s export market, Datla said the company has applied for WHO pre-qualification and expects to conduct a site inspection soon. “The booster dose is under trial and so far, we have completed the safety component of the study. As a booster against Covishield and Covaxin, it is safe … Now immunogenicity data will need to be tested, evaluated and submitted It should take another 2-3 weeks.”