Copycats Teach Vnsgu Officials Art Of ‘smuggling’ | Surat News – Times of India

Surat: Exam invigilators at South Gujarat’s largest educational institute, the Veer Narmad South Gujarat University (VNSGU) were in for a huge surprise not just at the huge number of 3,547 students from different streams of courses caught using unfair practices while appearing in various examinations, but mainly for the ingenious methods they employed to copy, both in-person and online exams.
According to the varsity sources, over 240 colleges are affiliated with VNSGU including those in Bharuch, silvassaand Daman,
Giving examples of students’ innovations in copying an invigilator who caught many students red-handed said that his suspicion grew seeing an unusual thickness of a pencil pouch that one student was carrying while also noticing that he was frequently changing his eraser. The supervisor checked the pouch and discovered 35 erasers each containing answers of questions in micro words.
The shocked official said that if the student would have put as much labor into his studies, he would have scored good numbers without even having to copy!
Another supervisor found micro earbuds in an examinee which were connected with a phone and he was talking to someone obviously outside the exam centre. After he was caught, the guilty student admitted to being ashamed of his act.
This student deserves an Oscar for his exam hall act! The supervisor in this exam hall noticed one student who would frequently keep bringing up one leg and place it on the other thigh. The official inched closer and to his shock saw mild light in the student’s footwear and when it was checked they found a mobile phone hidden in a cavity between two layers of the sole!
And what is surprising here is that these unfair activities went on even as special software was employed to take pictures of students’ mobile phones after every few seconds. Many students were caught with split screens seeking answers using online search engines or chatting on social media in groups created especially for cheating during exams.
Officials from VNSGU said that cheating during online exams is actually tough as students have to answer 50 questions in 60 minutes, which means they get around a minute and 20 seconds per question. Again, questions are not the same for all students, while the numbers of questions and optional answers are also different for all the students.
Despite such measures, some students still resort to unfair practices to clear their exams. Students found guilty of resorting to using unfair practices during the investigation will be punished as per university rules and regulations, officials added.