Copper theft worth lakhs from Kapurthala Rail Coach Factory: 8 rolls of wire under the coaches missing, PRO said – only 4 rolls are missing, investigation is going on

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Kapurthala Rail Coach Factory.

A big case of theft has come to light in the Rail Coach Factory (RCF) located in Kapurthala in Punjab. Copper wire (rod) worth lakhs of rupees disappeared from this only rail coach factory in North India. According to sources, 8 rolls of copper rod have gone missing from here. This copper rod is used for power supply from one compartment of the railway to another. The thickness of this rod is 2 inches and the length is 25 meters. Each roll of copper rod weighs about 80 kg.

On the other hand, PRO Jitesh Kumar of Kapurthala RCF has confirmed that only 4 rolls of copper rod are missing. According to him, the investigation so far has not found any evidence of copper rods leaving the workshop. A team of Railway Protection Force (RPF) is probing the entire matter.

Meanwhile, it has been learned that efforts are being made to suppress this case related to the theft of copper rods worth lakhs from the factory workshop within the factory walls. After getting information about the matter, the team of Railway Police Force (RPF), which monitors the security arrangements inside the Rail Coach Factory (RCF), has started investigating the matter.

In railways, power supply is carried from one coach to another through copper rods.

In railways, power supply is carried from one coach to another through copper rods.

Use of copper rod in power supply

The eight rolls of copper rod, which have been missing from the workshop of Kapurthala Rail Coach Factory, are used for power supply from one coach to another. The thickness of this rod, which is installed under the railway coaches, is 2 inches, 25 meters in length and its weight is about 80 kg. 8 rolls of this rod are missing.

There is only one rod in a roll. Therefore it can be said that the eight copper rods have disappeared. At present, the rate of copper per kg is around Rs 1100. Accordingly, the cost of the missing 80 kg rod is made around Rs 7 lakh 4 thousand.

RCF in questions about the functioning of

Force personnel in the Rail Coach Factory, and yet the disappearance of copper worth eight lakhs before their eyes puts the security arrangements of the force under question. The security arrangements in Rail Coach Factory are so strong that even a bird cannot kill without RPF there.

Coaches of many railway trains are made in Kapurthala Rail Coach Factory.

Coaches of many railway trains are made in Kapurthala Rail Coach Factory.

It is so strict even for a common person that he has to answer many types of questions before going inside the Rail Coach Factory. Only after passing in them is he allowed to enter. The theft of 7 quintals of copper even in the midst of such strict security managers is also pointing towards collusion somewhere. Because such a huge amount of copper cannot be removed without the use of any vehicle. Therefore, there is a smell of involvement of many officials in this matter.

Will get the whole matter investigated

Those who look after the management work in Rail Coat Factory are also hesitant to say anything on this big theft. No one directly believes that this has happened in the Rail Coach Factory. When talking to Ashish Aggarwal, GM of Rail Coach Factory, he told that he also came to know about this incident only through the media. A proper inquiry will be conducted in this regard soon and strict action will be taken against whoever is guilty.

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