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“Congress needs permanent president”: Shashi Tharoor

We all want Congress to get a permanent president, Shashi Tharoor said (File)

Muvattupuzha (Kerala):

Expressing the need for a permanent Congress president, senior party leader Shashi Tharoor on Saturday stressed that there is a need to put more energy into the organizational structure of the party.

Speaking to reporters today, the Congress MP said, “Sonia Gandhi’s leadership is the leadership we all love. Many people have called for a permanent president. We have not had a permanent president in the last two years. We need to set more energy in the organizational structure of the Congress party. We all want Congress to have a permanent president. No one will speak against Sonia Gandhi. Sonia Gandhi is a leader who led us so well But she has also been saying for years that she wishes to step down.”

He further said that if Congress leader Rahul Gandhi is willing to return to the leadership role of the party, it needs to happen soon.

Mr. Tharoor said, “We saw a new leadership emerge under Rahul Gandhi when Sonia Gandhi stepped down. But if he is willing to return to the party’s leadership role, it is likely to happen rapidly.” needed.”

“The Congress party is moving ahead strongly with the target of forming the government at the Center in 2024. The leaders have decided what will be the party’s strategy for this. If there is no change in what has been done so far, it will be There is no reason for voters to change their minds,” the Congress leader said.

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