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Completely waxing only to gain entry to religious places in the district from 7th October. Nagpur News – Times of India

NAGPUR: In perhaps the first such move in the state, the Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) and the District Collector have decided that every person, be it a devotee, management or employee, shall have to enter into any religious place. Vaccination will be mandatory. The state government had given permission to reopen religious place From October 7 onwards for devotees, but full vaccination was not made mandatory.
In a September 24 order, the state’s public health department had allowed the reopening of places of worship for the public from October 7, as long as they were outside containment zones. Though it was not mandatory, the government had advised people above 65 years of age, comorbid, pregnant women and children below 10 years to stay at home.
Further, the government said, “The concerned local authority may, in consultation with the relevant stakeholders, add any further directions to these guidelines, keeping in view the local circumstances.”
Municipal commissioner Radhakrishnan B told TOI, “We have decided to make two doses of the vaccine mandatory for everyone entering the religious place. Its main purpose is to prevent the spread of this disease. Also, it is now very clear from the city’s own data that fully vaccinated people show very mild symptoms even when they have the disease. Religious places remained closed for a long time. Chances of overcrowding in the initial days and during the upcoming festivals cannot be ruled out. Hence the decision has been taken in the larger public interest.”
The Municipal Corporation chief will issue the order on Thursday.
Collector R Vimala issued this order for the rural areas of the district on Wednesday. He made it mandatory to complete 14 days after the second dose of vaccination to gain entry into religious places.
The government had made such conditions mandatory for employees and people entering malls, which are usually closed systems. Most of the religious places are also enclosed, so this decision was also welcomed by the public representatives and officials of the trusts and associations running the religious places.
Ramtek MLA Ashish Jaiswal, who is also a lawyer, said it was a good decision and would go a long way in pushing the vaccination of all people. “Some people, especially from rural areas, are still hesitant about the vaccine. All are eager to go for worship when religious places reopen. This move will help increase vaccination,” he said.
Ravi Waghmare, president of Paschim Nagpur Nagarik Sangh, which runs Lord Ram and Lord Hanuman temples in Ram Nagar, said, “The decision of the civic chief and the collector is commendable. Till now aarti and cleanliness were allowed. So, we ensured two doses of vaccine for all the priests and staff. Vaccination of all the people visiting the temples will definitely help in preventing the spread of this disease.”
Religious places have been closed across the district since February 23, when the second wave began, which became highly contagious and formidable.
in short
* Religious places in the district closed for public from February 23, the beginning of the second phase
*The second wave of highly contagious and virulent ended in May
*Government allowed commercial activities in a phased manner
*Cases are decreasing now
*Govt allows reopening of religious places from 7 October
* Local authorities have the right to impose strict conditions
Municipal chief and collector decided to make two doses of vaccine mandatory for all those entering religious places.
* Public representatives and officials of trusts, associations running religious places welcome this step.


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