CM Pushkar Dhami: Safely Evacuating 41 Workers a Big Achievement, Modi ji Made It Possible

While talking informally to the media on reaching New Delhi, Uttarakhand CM Pushkar Singh Dhami said, “Safely evacuating 41 workers in the Silkyara tunnel accident is a big achievement. This rescue operation could be completed successfully only due to the guidance of respected Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Thanks to the expert rescue agencies sent by the Central Government, we were able to rescue the workers safely. The entire country was praying for 41 lives for 17 days.”

CM Dhami said that if the Prime Minister had not provided adequate resources and human assistance in the Silkyara Tunnel issue, this campaign would not have been successful. This accident happened on the morning of Diwali on 12th November. The same day in the evening, Prime Minister Narendra Modi called me and took complete information about the incident. Our priority was to rescue all the 41 workers trapped in the tunnel safely at any cost. With his inspiration, the state government vigorously engaged in the rescue operation. The morale of the teams engaged in rescue increased.

CM Dhami said that the Prime Minister assured us that there would be no dearth of resources and experts to accomplish the mission. From the beginning till the end, he guided and kept taking information from moment to moment. He spoke to the workers who were safely evacuated from the Silkyara Tunnel over phone and inquired about their health and well-being and also encouraged them. Not only this, the Prime Minister instructed what arrangements have been made for the health care of the workers, their leaving home and their families after being evacuated from the tunnel.

CM Pushkar Singh Dhami said that after the government came to power under the leadership of Modi ji, a big change has come at the Center that no matter where there is a crisis in the country or the world, the Indian government has left no stone unturned in bringing its citizens home safely. Modi government never left the people living abroad in trouble. This did not happen in earlier governments. The workers trapped in the tunnel and their families had the same belief that the Prime Minister would provide every resource to get the workers out safely.

The country knows that he is the first Prime Minister who has shown a high level of respect to workers not only in words but also in behavior. He washes the feet of laborers in Kashi, and communicates with workers at the inauguration of the new Parliament. For the first time, the country has seen a Prime Minister showering flowers on workers. He has shown his immense respect towards the workers by getting constructed the multipurpose Vishwakarma Bhawan in Delhi.

CM Dhami said that it is the result of the policy of Prime Minister Narendra Modi that India has not only saved its citizens in times of crisis but has also saved the lives of many foreign citizens by running successful operations in water, land, and sky and has shown humanity to the world. The latest example is the safe return of stranded Indians after the war between Hamas and Israel erupted. The safe return of our citizens has become a guarantee during the tenure of the Prime Minister. This is the impact of India’s prestige in the world today by the Prime Minister that by bringing Indians safely to India during the time of instability in Sudan, Yemen, and Afghanistan, the Prime Minister has given an assurance to the countrymen that he is like a sensitive guardian of his citizens every moment. During the Corona epidemic, Indians from all over the world returned safely to their country. This faith gave us strength and all the workers were evacuated from Silkyara completely safely.