CM Dhami’s Big Action On Negligence In Forest Fire Control

Chief Minister Dhami has now come into action mode regarding the continuously increasing incidents of forest fire in the state. Chief Minister Dhami held a meeting with senior officials in the Secretariat today and took major action in the case of forest fire and suspended 10 forest personnel while disciplinary action is also being taken against 7 others. Immediately after the meeting in the Secretariat, the Chief Minister left to take stock of the forest fire-affected areas in Rudraprayag.

Chief Minister Dhami is constantly in touch with the officials regarding forest fire. He is constantly taking meetings and taking feedback on forest fires in the districts as well as issuing necessary guidelines to the officers and personnel. To control forest fires in Nainital and Pauri districts, water is being showered in the fire-affected areas from helicopters with the help of the army.

Last week also, the Chief Minister held a meeting of the officials through video conferencing and said bluntly that negligence in cases of forest fire will not be tolerated at all and action will be taken from top to bottom.

In this regard, today CM Dhami held a meeting regarding forest fire in the Secretariat and while fixing responsibility for negligence in forest fire control, he directed action against the concerned personnel. This was the reason that action was taken against 17 personnel simultaneously today. Out of these, 10 have been directly suspended. While disciplinary action has been taken against 7 others. Also, immediately after the meeting, CM Dhami left for the on-site inspection of forest fire in Rudraprayag.