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CJI’s pain spilled on legal structure: Chief Justice Ramana said – there is still a slavery-era judicial system in the country, it is not right according to India

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New Delhi16 minutes ago

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Chief Justice (CJI) NV Ramana has expressed concern over the country’s judicial system. The CJI, who arrived to pay tribute to Justice MM Shantanagoudar of Karnataka State Bar Council, said that the slavery-era justice system still prevails in the country. Maybe this is not good for the people of the country. The CJI emphasized the need to Indianize the legal system. The CJI said that the present working style of the courts on India’s problems does not fit.

Villagers do not understand proceedings in English
According to the Bar and Bench, CJI Ramana said that the people of rural areas do not understand the legal proceedings in English. So they have to waste more money. He said that common man should not be afraid of courts and judges.

Court proceedings should be transparent
Ramana said that the most important place in any judicial system is that of the person who filed the case. Court proceedings should be transparent and accountable. It is the duty of judges and lawyers to create an environment which is comfortable.

Justice Shantanagoudar remembered
Justice Ramana remembered Justice Shantanagoudar. He said that Justice Shantanagoudar understood the needs of the common people. He expressed condolences to the family of Justice Shantanagoudar.
The CJI said that Justice Shantanagoudar has an important contribution to the judiciary of the country.

The country has lost a judge who took care of the people.
The Chief Justice said that the country has lost a judge who takes care of the interest of the common man. He showed interest in taking up the cases of the poor and downtrodden while practicing. His decision was simple and practical. He was always ready for hearing. His sense of humor was also excellent.

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