Chirag Paswan’s allegation, Bihar’s high officials involved in illegal liquor racket

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Chirag Paswan’s allegation, Bihar’s high officials involved in illegal liquor racket

Lok Janshakti Party (Ram Vilas) chief Chirag Paswan on Saturday hit out at Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar over the deaths due to consumption of illicit liquor and accused higher officials in the state of being part of the racket.

The Chief Minister should answer why liquor is still available to the public in Bihar. He will not answer this question as high officials of the state are part of the racket and Nitish Kumar is known to run the government through his officers. Paswan at the press conference

Further alleging that Nitish Kumar runs his government through an ivory tower where he does not get proper information about Bihar, Paswan said, “He does not visit the families of the victims, so he does not know the reality. He sits in his ivory tower where he doesn’t get the right information from his officers.”

He said, “Our party leaders visited Gopalganj, Datia and Muzaffarpur, where many people have died due to the consumption of illicit liquor. I have met the families of these victims. Every day in Bihar someone or the other is because of it. Dying is what comes to the fore.” Paswan said.

“It has been five years since the law banning liquor in Bihar was passed, but it is still not implemented properly in the state,” he said.

Recently, in some districts of Bihar, there was news of people’s death due to consumption of illicit liquor.

According to the Bihar Police, from January 2021 to October 2021, a total of 49,900 cases were registered in various districts of Bihar by conducting special raids under the State Prohibition and Excise (Amendment) Act-2018 and a total of 38,72,645 liters of illicit liquor case was registered. . Recovered and confiscated in the state.

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