Chinese Toddler’s Cooking Skills Will Leave You Amazed

Chinese Toddler's Cooking Skills Will Leave You Amazed

Children often imitate the actions of adults, whether they observe them in person or on the internet. In China, a baby has captured the hearts of countless netizens with his incredible ability to emulate the delicate movements of a great chef.

The video, originally posted on X, formerly Twitter, a few months ago, showcases the young boy’s remarkable culinary skills. His mother, who lives in Neijiang, said his interest in cooking began when he was just a few months old, and he developed his slick techniques by mimicking chefs he saw on cooking shows on television. In the video, the toddler is seen skillfully managing the wok with a ladle, displaying exceptional adeptness.

“How come this little boy can handle this cooking pan so swiftly, and his cooking skill is so amazing?” – Olivia Wong, an X user, captioned the video.

Reacting to the video, an X user said, “I hate it when a three-year-old is fancier with a wok than I am!”

Previously, a viral video featured a toddler making a delicious plate of fried rice packed with veggies. The video, uploaded on Instagram by user @sonikabhasin, shows the toddler preparing the tasty dish. At the beginning of the video, you can see the child standing on a stool to reach the gas stove. Then, his mom asks him what he is cooking, to which he cutely replies, ‘Fried rice.’ He goes on to mention the vegetables he added, saying, ‘Onion, garlic, beans, and capsicum.’ With some assistance, he adds the rice to the pan and stirs it. He also mentions, ‘Once the fried rice is cooked, then I will add some eggs.

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