China G20 Delegate Refused Bag Check At Top Hotel, Unusual Bag Size Raises Questions

While the Indian capital was all set to welcome its guests wholeheartedly for the much-awaited G20 Summit, a ruckus broke out when a Chinese delegation arrived for the summit and refused to get his bags checked by the security staff.

Diplomatic protocols

The delegates from China stayed at the Taj Palace Hotel in Delhi’s Chanakyapuri, the diplomatic enclave of the city. A 12-hour drama unfolded the moment one of the Chinese officials was found with bag of unusual size. While checking in, this unusual bag was noticed but security staff let the member go due to diplomatic protocols.

Suspicious equipment found?

The unusual bag escaped the security check in the name of diplomacy however it was when a hotel employee spotted some suspicious equipment inside two bags in a room that the security check went on toes. They requested the Chinese officials to cooperate and let the bags go through the scanner for security reasons but the latter kept refusing and the drama continued for 12 hours. Police kept standing outside the room all these hours.

Refusal till the last moment

The Chinese official kept refusing the security check of the bag, he didn’t budge at all and attempted to pass it off as ‘diplomatic baggage’ which led to a standoff that was resolved only after the bags were sent to the Chinese embassy.

What was in the bags?

Nobody knows what was in those bags. No security check was allowed in them and the one unusual size bag that escaped the scanner still remains unknown. Was there some device? A surveillance set-up? Why was the Chinese official so adamant that he ultimately chose to leave for his embassy? The answers to these questions haven’t been unfolded yet.