Chidambaram’s statement on Goa alliance annoyed with TMC MP Mahua Moitra, said- ‘No one should sit on a high horse’

The TMC extended a friendly hand to the Congress ahead of the Goa Assembly elections, but the offer of an alliance between the two parties still seems controversial.

On Friday, Congress veteran P Chidambaram said the formula to defeat the BJP should be “Congress plus others, not others plus Congress”. It is clear that the big old party wants to play the role of elder brother in the fight against BJP in Goa.

TMC MP and Goa in-charge Mahua Moitra had tweeted a week ago that everyone should unite in their fight against the BJP and had tagged the Congress. After Chidambaram’s statement, however, Moitra posted a response on Twitter and attacked the Congress, saying “no one should be on their high horse” as defeating the BJP was the need of the hour.

Moitra tweeted: “In reply: 1. AITC makes formal and definitive resolution to Congress on Goa to defeat BJP; 2. Congress leadership seeks time to return. This was almost 2 weeks ago; 3. If Mr Chidambaram is not aware of the details so he should talk to his leadership instead of making this statement.

In another tweet, he also said that the AITC “won’t shy away from walking the last mile”.

Not only Moitra, Rajya Sabha MP Sushmita Dev also tweeted on this issue on Saturday and said, ‘Leave double standards on defection. If someone leaves the old party, he is called a traitor and when someone joins it he is not a traitor. We are forming our party with those leaders who want to join us. This is our democratic right.”

Chidambaram had also talked about how TMC was buying Congress leaders for Goa elections. The Congress has taken a stand not to accept too many leaders from other parties as it was rebuilding in Goa when the veteran Luizinho moved to join Faleiro’s TMC.

Within half an hour of Dev’s tweet, Moitra retweeted saying, “AITC is serious about defeating BJP. Unfounded false bravery is no substitute for rational thinking and maturity. Fixed offer among the principals at the table – waiting to be returned. No desire to get involved in further Twitter shadow boxing with various INC office bearers. ,

Party insiders said the TMC was interested in forging an alliance with the Congress and had offered the party an alliance. He said that if Congress took the offer, it was also true that TMC took this step and took the initiative.

But first the switchover from Congress to TMC could play a big role in deciding whether there will be an alliance or not.

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