Chhattisgarh: Lakhs of litres of water wasted to fish out govt official’s expensive phone from dam

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Chhattisgarh: Lakhs of liters of water wasted in fishing
Image source: India TV Chhattisgarh: Lakhs of liters of water was wasted in removing the expensive phone of a government official from the dam

Chhattisgarh Food Inspector Mobile News: In a display of brazen use of position and power, a government official in Chhattisgarh ordered the release of water from a dam after accidentally dropping his expensive mobile phone. The incident is of Kanker district of the state.

What happened

According to the information received, food inspector Rajesh Vishwas of Koylibeda block had gone to the Kherkatta-Parlkot reservoir on Monday for a holiday. Food officer’s expensive phone fell in 15 feet deep water in Kherkatta-Paralkot reservoir. Vishwas then ordered the workers to search for his phone, but they could not find it. Then he asked to draw water from the reservoir so that his phone could be taken out.

A high-power pump was brought in which kept pumping the water continuously for three days. Finally got the call on Thursday morning.

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Image source: India TVRajesh Vishwas, food inspector of Koylibeda block.

When asked about the incident, Vishwas said, “I spoke to the SDO, Water Resources and told him that my Samsung S series phone, which costs around Rs 96,000, fell into the dam. I told him that the water from the reservoir Wasn’t for any purpose.” Due to which 5 feet of water was pumped out.

However, officials said that the water level had receded by about 10 feet. Now with the matter catching fire in the media, the local administration is preparing to order an inquiry into the incident.

(Inputs from Sikandar Khan, Kanker)

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