Cher Accused of Hiring 4 Men to Kidnap Her Son Elijah Blue Allman – E! Online

According to the filing, made public this week, the two met up months later. Marieangela said that in November 2022, she and Elijah spent 12 days alone together in New York, “working on our marriage.”

“On November 30, 2022, the night of our wedding anniversary, 4 people came to our hotel room and removed [Elijah] from our room,” the KING band member wrote in her filing. “I am currently unaware of my husband’s wellbeing or whereabouts. I am very concerned and worried about him. I was told by one of the four men who took him that they were hired by [Elijah’s] mother.”

It is unclear if Marieangela and Elijah are currently in contact. In her filing, she wrote, “I understand his family’s efforts to make sure he is well, and I want what is best for my husband.”