Chandrababu Naidu seeks Rs 10,000 COVID assistance for Andhra; Slam government’s virus response

TDP national president and former chief minister N. Chandrababu Naidu on Tuesday vowed to continue his party struggle till the announcement of a special package for coronavirus-affected families on the lines of financial assistance being given in Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka and other states. .

Naidu urged the Jaganmohan Reddy regime to put aside its narrow political agenda and start buying vaccines to vaccinate people of all age groups. He said the rate of the vaccinated population should be increased from the current 23.2 per cent to at least 70 per cent in AP.

Chandrababu Naidu participated in the statewide ‘Sadhana Diksha’ protest program organized at TDP Central Office in Amaravati today. Party leaders and workers participated in the protests in all 175 assembly constituencies and 25 parliamentary constituencies of the state. They displayed placards and raised slogans and urged the government to come to the rescue of crores of poor families affected by the pandemic.

In his concluding remarks, Naidu urged the Jagan Reddy regime to immediately announce a financial assistance of Rs 10,000 for all white ration-card holders. This was necessitated due to the pitiable condition of the poor families due to the loss of covid besides the price rise. The loss of work opportunities during the pandemic was a serious blow to him. Along with this, a monthly assistance of Rs 7,500 should be given to private teachers, auto-rickshaw drivers, construction and unorganized sector workers. This financial assistance should continue till the government creates alternative work opportunities.

Naidu asked why AP became the only state that did not give a special package at a time when all other states provided some aid or other to save their people. Maharashtra has given a package of Rs 5,476 crore, Tamil Nadu Rs 4,155 crore, Karnataka Rs 1,250 crore and Kerala Rs 20,000 crore.

Maharashtra gave Rs 2,500 to small traders and Rs 2,000 to tribals. Tamil Nadu gave Rs 4,000 to all ration card holders apart from essential items worth Rs 2,000. Kerala, Orissa, Punjab, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh and all other states extended support in the time of covid.

Naidu regretted that Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Jaganmohan Reddy since coming to power has made a habit of making fake statements only to deceive the people and not to save them from a major calamity like coronavirus. “Without wasting time, the AP CM should take steps to instil confidence among the people. The families whose members succumbed to Covid should be paid Rs. 10 lakh ex-gratia,” he urged.

The TDP chief demanded that Rs 25 lakh ex-gratia should be paid to the families whose members died due to non-supply of oxygen on time. All these deaths should be treated as government murders. Over 30 patients died at Tirupati Ruia Hospital even though the government could bring oxygen in time from neighboring Chennai. He said the incompetent YCP regime was the reason behind the officials not taking proper steps to save the lives of the people.

Naidu asked why the YCP government was inordinately delaying the payment of arrears to the paddy farmers. The payment was made within 24 hours during the TDP regime. The government had promised Rs 2,000 to all those Covid affected families but the payment was not being made at the field level. The Center announced an ex-gratia of Rs 50 lakh for the death of frontline warriors. He urged that the AP government should extend this to doctors, nurses, police, sanitation workers, ANMs and journalists.

Condemning the negligence of the YCP rulers, Naidu demanded the government to explain why the vaccination rate in Andhra Pradesh was very low at 23.2 per cent as compared to 30.3 per cent in Kerala, 28.2 per cent in Karnataka and 29 per cent in Gujarat. While all other states were procuring vaccines to save the lives of their people, the Jagan regime in Andhra Pradesh was making false claims. He said, shamelessly, the YCP regime stored over 13 lakh vaccine doses sent by the Center and delivered them in a single day to claim India’s No. 1 record. But still, AP was far behind other states in vaccination rates.

Naidu took strong objection to how the Jaganmohan Reddy regime was trying to divert the attention of the people in the name of Disha app download. The Chief Minister was creating such fake opportunities to hand over hundreds of crores to his media only by giving advertisements. He claimed that under the Jagan regime, the people of AP lost their jobs and assets, industries and investments, while only the CM’s own family companies were benefiting from money laundering, he claimed.

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