Caught two fake TTEs extorting money from passengers at Gorakhpur station – Rail Hunt

Gorakhpur. The station superintendent (commerce) caught two fake TTEs making illegal recovery from passengers as TTs at Gorakhpur railway station. Fake identity cards, fake name plates and Rs 5700 cash have been recovered from them. Railway Police has registered a case against Manish Kumar Pandey resident of Baraipur Pandey, Thana Bhatparrani district Deoria and Ranjit Kumar resident of Baritha, police station Vijayipur district Gopalganj. The Railway Police is investigating the identity of both. It is said that Station Superintendent (Commercial) SN Dwivedi along with his team was checking the catering and passenger facilities in 12566 Bihar Sampark Kranti Express.

Then he saw two TTs at the other end checking the tickets of the passengers. During interrogation, both of them told themselves to be TTE of Lucknow division. The TTEs were in full uniform but the post names etc. written on the name plates were wrong. Anurag Kumar Singh TT was written on one’s uniform and Manish Kumar Pandey TT was written on the other’s uniform. The station superintendent got suspicious after seeing the name plate of TT instead of TTE and plastic instead of steel. On asking for the identity card, the stamped identity card of the General Manager Personnel of North Eastern Railway, Gorakhpur was shown. Whereas no such certificate is given.

As per the rules, every TTE has an Access Fare Ticket (EFT) but both did not have that either. The station superintendent brought both to his room and inquired strictly. After this the whole matter came to light. Both have been handed over to the Railway Police. It is said that both of them have also given their name and address wrong.