Caught On Camera: 20-Year-Old Man Attacked Multiple Times With Knife Publicly

In a bizarre incident in the national capital, a 20 year old man was stabbed to death by eight attackers publicly in Sangam Vihar on Saturday night.

A shocking CCTV video captures a gruesome incident where a 20-year-old man was brutally attacked by eight assailants. The attackers surrounded the victim on a narrow street, mercilessly stabbing and kicking him in a blind rage.

Astonishingly, multiple eyewitnesses, including those on motorcycles, stood by and did not intervene. The horrifying assault persisted for several seconds, with some attackers even dragging the victim further down the street while the brutality continued.

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The CCTV video lasting about 30 seconds, depicts a gruesome attack on a teenager. The victim is pushed to the side of the road during the attack, and his bloodied shirt reveals multiple stab wounds.

Police were alerted when staff at Majeedia Hospital admitted the victim, identified as Dilshad, a resident of the area, who had sustained critical knife injuries.

Authorities found Dilshad being treated for multiple stab wounds on his chest and other body parts. He was placed on a ventilator and later transferred to Safdarjung Hospital for advanced care.

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Due to his condition, he was unable to provide a statement. A police case was filed based on the hospital’s information, leading to the apprehension of eight suspects, all minors and residents of Sangam Vihar.