Caught On Cam: Thief Steals Mobile Phone In Crowded Rajasthan Restaurant, Internet Says ‘Aam Baat Hai’ – News18

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 After stealing, the man promptly left the restaurant. (Photo Credits: X)

After stealing, the man promptly left the restaurant. (Photo Credits: X)

The shocking video shows a man stealing a mobile phone in a crowded restaurant in Rajasthan’s Jodhpur.

Incidents of theft have become increasingly common nowadays, causing growing concern among the public. Pickpocketers often target vulnerable individuals making crowded places their prime locations for theft activities. Recently, a shocking incident went viral on the internet where a man was seen stealing a mobile phone in a crowded restaurant in Rajasthan’s Jodhpur. The incident was captured on the restaurant’s CCTV.

In the viral footage, a man enters the restaurant and targets two elderly men engrossed in conversation while having their food. He discreetly sits in the booth next to them and with swift precision, reaches into one of the customer’s pockets. After stealing the mobile phone, he promptly leaves the restaurant.

The clip was shared on X (Formerly Twitter) by @abesalleteritho. The accompanying caption read, “This is a video from last night and this boy came quietly and stole a phone very easily without any fear. @CP_Jodhpur @Igp_Jodhpur @JdprRuralPolice @RajPoliceHelp.”

Watch the viral video here:

Since being posted online, the video has been widely spread on various social media platforms, catching the attention of Rajasthan Police. The police directed the concerned authorities to take necessary action.

“The concerned have been directed to take necessary action and expose the matter soon,” DCP East Jodhpur wrote in Hindi.

The video also ignited a wave of reactions from online users. One user reacted, “I am from jodhpur and ye sab yaha aam baat ho gyee hai log haath se chin ke bhag rhe hai (I am from Jodhpur and all this has become a common thing here. Thieves snatch mobile phones from our hands and run away).”

Another commented, “Unemployment and Illiterate yet need money to show off.” One person recounted their own experience and wrote, “I was in Jodhpur a year back and someone stole a wallet from my bag that was inside the temple. It was the afternoon time and no one was in the temple except 2 of us who were cleaning the temple. The president of the temple management even filed a complaint with the police, but nothing happened. I still have CCTV footage of the act. Kuch nahi hota yaha (Nothing happens here).”

This incident is not isolated. In April, another unsettling incident caught attention when a video went viral, that emerged from Mathura Railway Station in Uttar Pradesh. The footage showcased a man entering the passengers’ waiting area and stealing phones from unsuspecting sleepers. His actions were repeated with multiple passengers. The CCTV footage helped authorities swiftly identify and arrest the culprit.