Canada Unable To Identify ‘Potential Links’ Of India With Nijjar’s Death Yet

New Delhi: Canada has made controversial revelation that can further affect India-Canada relationship. In the latest, Canadian inetelligence establishments could not find any Indian national ‘potentially linked’ with the murder of Khalitani terrorist Hardeep Singh Nijjar.

The foriegn intellegence dug into the travelling records to find out if any Indian national travelled to or from Canada as well as before or after the terrorist’s murder in June but could not establish any links, reported TOI.

No Results 

Investigators, from local Surrey police, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) and the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS), tried to determine whether an Indian-origin person traveled domestically or internationally around June 18. The exercise yielded no results, said sources.

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Since the Canadian police have not yet succeeded in their investigation, it is suspected that the attackers fled the country after the murder. In the Nijjar murder case, Canadian police have focused on two suspect vehicles – a burned car and a silver 2008 Toyota Camry – believed to be the getaway vehicle used by the killers after the murder.

A Case Of Settling Personal Score? 

As per the media report, this is reminiscent to the gang-related killings in the area recently. Furthermore, according to the Washington Post, Nijjar’s assassins pointed a gun at one of his associates who tried to pursue them but did not shoot, which appears to be a case of settling personal score with the deceased.

Apart from that, Nijjar’s family has made multiple statements to the media suggesting that he was closely associated with CSIS, although it is unclear whether he was an informant.