BTS: Kim Taehyung shares unreleased song while driving a convertible in Hawaii, ARMY goes crazy

Friday started off well for BTS fans. The members of the popular boyband, who recently made their personal accounts on Instagram, have been sharing excerpts from their lives on the social media platform. While lead singer Gene Jungkook shared a story of her pet Doberman Baum, Kim Taehyung had a surprise in store for ARMY. He shared a video of himself driving a convertible in Hawaii, singing and vibrating an unreleased song he made.

Taehyung, whose stage name is V, shared the video to several stories on Instagram as he sings along to his song. The song’s lyrics are in English, and he only shared it for a minute, prompting fans to ask for the full song. Dedicating the song to ARMY, V also wrote I love you in his stories.

The ARMYs have been sharing the snippet on various social media platforms, expressing how much they already love the song. Apparently titled ‘A Million Stars’, many fans said it was a ‘long drive and chill vibes’ kind of song.

Some even posted the lyrics of the song.

After BTS wrapped up their permission to dance on stage at the LA Concert Series earlier this month, some members returned to South Korea. V had stayed back and later updated on social media that he was on the trip with his family. He later shared pictures from his trip, revealing that he had gone to Hawaii. He also thanked the fans for not bothering him on his trip. He had returned to Seoul a few days ago.

Taehyung will celebrate his 26th birthday (27 in the Korean era) on 30 December. To mark the occasion, a group of fans managed to advertise the event on the US issue of Forbes magazine. According to Koriyabu, this is the first time a South Korean idol’s birthday has been advertised on Forbes magazine.

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