BTS’ Jin visits Uncle’s farm, J-Hope asks him to bring her some strawberries

Even though the BTS boys are on sabbatical now, they haven’t stopped providing entertainment to their fans or the military as the fandom is known. They keep on giving us insights into their lives by posting videos and pictures that show that they are making the most of their good earnings by focusing on themselves. A day earlier, V shared a photo of a freshly fried corn dog on Instagram Stories with ketchup written on it as ‘BTS’ along with a chubby face. It was clear that he was missing his boys and the army.

And now, Kim Seok-jin has also given ARMY a visual treat by posting photos from her trip to the Strawberry Farm owned by her uncle. Jin posted six photos in different poses surrounded by juicy fruits. In just one day, the post has garnered 11,300,736 likes.

If that wasn’t enough, the BTS boys teamed up to provide more entertainment for their fans with their little pranks in the comments section of Jin’s post. If you are a member of ARMY, you would know that boys make jokes time and again and this is a great source of joy for ARMY. RM and J-Hope try to pull Jin’s leg by asking him why he didn’t take him to Strawberry Farm. J-Hope wrote, “Strawberries??? without noticing me???” Hobie then added a fire emoji. In response, Jin said, “Have some strawberries.”

RM proved that Jin calls himself the “Strawberry Chef”, and wrote, “I see you’ve gone to prove your ‘Strawberry Chef’ title,” adding, “Please get some strawberries for me when you get back.” Receive. “

After the group’s management team, Big Hit Music, announced this in a Twitter post last month, the universally-loved boy band is enjoying a break in 2020 and 2021.

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