BTS: After Suga, RM shares health update with Cena, says ‘I’m fine’

BTS members RM, Jin and Suga tested COVID positive last week, as confirmed by their management company, BIGHIT Music. Rapper Suga Ya Min Yongi took to Weavers to share his health update with his fans on Monday, while group leader RM also shared his health update on Tuesday. Suga wrote in his post, ‘I am very good. Don’t worry too much.” Responding to the post on Weavers, RM aka Kim Namjoon wrote, “I’m fine too.”

On Friday, BIGHIT Music confirmed that Suga has contracted the virus during his self-quarantine after taking a PCR test shortly after returning to South Korea on Thursday.

However, it was also reported that the 28-year-old artist and songwriter received his second round of COVID-19 vaccination in late August and is not exhibiting any symptoms of the virus to date. The singer is currently self-quarantining at home as per the guidelines of the health authorities in South Korea.

The company said that RM is currently exhibiting “no specific symptoms”.

Giving an update about Jin (Kim Seok-jin), Big Hit said that the musician flew to South Korea on 6 December and underwent PCR tests shortly after his return and before being released from self-quarantine again. Did. He was found negative on both the occasions.

BTS consists of RM, Jin, Suga, Jimin, J-Hope, V and Jungkook.

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