BSF fired on a drone trying to enter Indian territory from Pakistan. India News – Times of India

Jammu: The Border Security Force (BSF) on Friday fired at an unmanned aerial vehicle that tried to enter Indian territory near the International Border. Pakistan, on the outskirts of Jammu.
UAVSuspected to be a Pakistani surveillance drone, it was spotted by alert BSF personnel in Arnia sector at around 4.30 am. Described as a quadcopter (drone controlled by four rotors), it was forced to return to the Pakistani side when BSF troops fired half a dozen rounds to bring it down.
“Alert BSF personnel fired on a small quadcopter belonging to Pakistan this morning as it was trying to cross the International Border in Arnia sector. Due to the firing, the drone returned immediately,” a BSF spokesperson confirmed.
The drone attack on the Jammu IAF station on June 27, the first of its kind by terror groups in Pakistan, has put security forces in Jammu and Kashmir And its neighboring states share a border with Pakistan on high alert. After the attack, the drone was seen hovering over the vital Army Installation in different areas of Jammu on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday night also. The Army also claimed to have downed a drone near its brigade headquarters at Kaluchak and Ratnuchak on Sunday night.


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