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Britney Spears’ Dad Suspended as Conservator, Singer Receives Hearing on Conservatorship Ending in November

A Los Angeles judge on Wednesday suspended Britney Spears’ father Jamie Spears from his 13-year role as the singer’s comptroller of business affairs. “The current situation is not well. It reflects a toxic environment that requires the suspension of Jamie Spears effective today,” Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Brenda Penney said during the court hearing.

Jamie Spears has been in charge of her daughter’s business affairs since 2008, when she established court-approved guardianship after a mental breakdown. The judge said he would be temporarily replaced with an accountant.

Hearings were ongoing on Wednesday and Penny had not made a decision about whether to completely end the stereotype that also governs the singer’s personal life. However, it was later decided that the singer would get a November date for a hearing on how to end the controversial stereotype.

#FreeBritney fans gathered outside the courtroom in Los Angeles as soon as they learned of the judge’s decision.

Britney Spears’s lawyer filed a supplementary motion in the case regarding her father’s stereotyping on the American pop singer. In the supplementary motion, the singer’s attorney Matthew Rosengart asked the court to immediately suspend Jamie Spears, following a hearing this week on September 29.

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This development comes after new allegations of surveillance of Brittany surfaced. According to a new documentary, Controlling Britney Spears, which aired Friday, revealed that the singer was recorded in her bedroom, and her conversations with her two sons and boyfriend were taped. The New York Times documentary also revealed that Britney’s text messages and other data from her phone were also sent to her father.

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