Boost immunity to cure infections; Check out some impressive health benefits of white onions

Although all vegetables and fruits are important to one’s health, there are some types that have impressive health benefits. Onion is a powerhouse of vitamins, minerals and fiber and its medicinal properties have been recognized since ancient times. It helps in curing headache, mouth ulcers and infections. While there are many types of onions, the most popular ones include white and red onions.

White onions are extremely healthy, and generally have a more pungent flavor than yellow or red onions. At the same time, there is a balance of astringency and sweetness in the taste of red. Talking about the health benefits that white onions offer, Dr Rachna Agarwal, a nutritionist, told The Indian Express that they have anti-inflammatory and antibiotic properties, and are highly rated in Ayurveda.

He further told his readers that the anti-inflammatory properties in white onions help in quick healing of the infection. Rachna further shared that it balances acidity as many food items can be highly acidic in nature which in turn can make our body prone to infections. “White onions are alkaline in nature and therefore, when added to food, can balance the acidic nature of refined carbs,” she said.

The health expert went further and said that white onion can help in curing respiratory diseases. A mixture of white onion juice with honey can act as a good cough syrup and can be stored in the refrigerator for up to five hours. “This syrup is applied on the chest and covered with a cotton cloth to cure respiratory ailments,” he said, adding that it is also good for hair growth if applied on one’s scalp.

Earlier, renowned chef Sanjeev Kapoor in one of his social media uploads had listed the many benefits of white onions. In his Wellness Wednesday post, Sanjeev wrote “Low tell me, can you let go of the onion, can our everyday kitchen also help against sunstroke and sunburn?” And had added benefits of white onion such as- “Cools the body, Excellent source of fiber, Boosts immunity, Promotes heart health, Has anti-bacterial properties, Rich in antioxidants.”

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