BJP’s fight against time in Punjab; Ready for virtual rallies if asked by Election Commission: Union Minister Gajendra Shekhawati

Bharatiya Janata Party believes that its fight is against time and not with any political party in Punjab. Union minister and state BJP’s election in-charge Gajendra Singh Shekhawat said the party was gearing up for the assembly elections early next year even though it did not find time to strengthen its organization here as it has always supported Did. Shiromani Akali Dal, its former ally for 23 years.

“Our fight is against time. If we had got more time to set up the organization, no one would even ask us whether we can form the government or not.”

Shekhawat said that the party has been successful in forming 380 out of 384 mandals.

Responding to a question whether the BJP is ready for virtual rallies if the Election Commission asks to move the campaign online, fearing another Covid wave, led by the Omicron version, the minister said that his party is ready. Is.

“Even during West Bengal elections (April-May 2021), we had virtual rallies and we are always ready to do virtual rallies. Even during the Covid peak, we had our organizational meetings virtually,” Shekhawat said.

While Union ministers are eager to contest, there are some in the BJP who reminisce about the tumultuous times faced by the party in Punjab.

“BJP workers faced tough times when politically motivated groups sat on dharna in front of their homes. And from that stage till now when sitting MLAs and veteran leaders of other organizations are in line to join the party, we have come a long way in a very short span of time. Why do you think the sitting MLAs want to join us? They see the future of Punjab in the BJP.”

BJP leaders rule out any possibility of an alliance with the Akalis now that the Centre’s controversial agriculture law, which sparked year-long protests in parts of the country, has been repealed.

“We strengthened the Akalis in Punjab at the cost of our party. There are 66 seats in Punjab where Hindus constitute about 50 percent of the population. Our allies have a strong voter base and supporters in those seats. All of them voted for the Akalis.

The BJP too did not budge from the Chandigarh Municipal Corporation election results this week, in which the Aam Aadmi Party had got a lead. It seems that people vote differently in different levels of elections.

According to party leaders, there was an anti-incumbency wave against it and yet it gave a tough fight to the AAP, while the Congress and the Akalis were wiped out.

Ask BJP leaders how they would defend the alliance with former Congress chief minister Amarinder Singh when his government was criticized for years, and the answer comes: “He was not allowed to take any decision. This was taken over by the high command and hence he had to leave before completing his term.”

While it is expecting more people to join the party, the BJP fears more conspiracies threatening to break the social fabric of the state, which has seen its law and order situation deteriorate in recent days.

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