BJP trying to destabilize MVA with hook or crook: Sharad Pawar Nagpur News – Times of India

Chandrapur: NCP chief Sharad Pawar said BJP The leadership of the Center is disappointed that a state like Maharashtra is not in hand. In response to a question regarding the number of cases being registered repeatedly by the Central Government agencies against Ministers and leaders in tub government, Pawar said senior BJP cadres were trying to destabilize the Maharashtra government with a “hook or crook”.
Addressing a press conference in Chandrapur, the NCP leader said, “Soon after the MVA government was formed, BJP leaders started predicting that this government would not last long. However, the Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray Stable government has been given for two years, due to which the central leadership of BJP is angry.
He claimed that a similar strategy is being adopted in non-BJP states like West Bengal and Kerala to destabilize the governments there. “The card is being taken to the highest level. However, they must remember that history will mention people who abused power.” He said the BJP’s “dirty strategy” to destabilize the government instead brought the constituents of the MVA together and stood firm on its resolve.
Feather Vidarbha State’s agitation, Pawar said the party was not against agitation in the name of development of the region. However, there were differences of opinion over keeping the state together. “Our stand is that if Marathi speaking people need to be kept together then their unity should be maintained.
Party leader Praful Patel, Minister of State Prajakta Tanpure, District NCP President Raju Vaidya, OBC leader Ashok Jitode and District Women President Baby Uikey were present in the press conference along with the senior NCP leader.