BJP, Congress or JDS: Who Will Win Karnataka Elections? Google’s Chatbot Bard Answers

With no party getting a clear mandate, JDS could again become the kingmaker.  (PTI Photos)

With no party getting a clear mandate, JDS could again become the kingmaker. (PTI Photos)

Conversational AI has been introduced in over 180 countries including India and is powered by PaLM 2, Google’s most advanced large language model.

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The results of the Karnataka Assembly elections, voting for which took place on May 10, will be declared on May 13. While the exit poll results are already out, Google’s Bard answers the question of who will win the state elections tomorrow.

The tech giant revealed at the Google I/O 2023 conference on Wednesday that its conversational AI Bard has been introduced in over 180 countries, including India, and is powered by Google’s own and most advanced large language model, PaLM 2.

Even though this chatbot is still under development, Bard, like its competitor – OpenAI’s ChatGPT-Bard, can also answer questions asked by people. While it tries to provide human-like responses, the chatbot also has its limitations.

Despite this, Bard said it “knows a lot about India’s political landscape” because it has been trained on a massive dataset of text and code, which contains a lot of information about the country.

It shared a detailed answer to the question on Karnataka election results.

Who will win?

Google’s Bard was asked to respond on this – ‘Who will win the Karnataka elections?’ It responded by saying that the results are still uncertain and shared the names of major parties in the state – Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), Congress and JDS.

Citing exit polls, the chatbot then said: “BJP is projected to win most of the seats, but it is not clear whether they will have enough seats to form the government on their own. Congress is expected to come second and JDS third.

The results of many exit polls predicted a hung assembly, with most giving a slight edge to the Congress. Meanwhile, some polls also predicted a majority for the Congress, on the contrary, others said the BJP could win. But the common possibility seen in all these exit polls is a close fight between the two major national parties and the JDS to play the role of kingmaker.


Bard continued to respond, saying that there are four factors that can affect the outcome of an election – economy, religion, race, and power.

Google Bard’s response to Karnataka election question (News18)

However, at the end of the response, Bard said: “It is too early to say who will win the Karnataka elections.”

Chances of Congress?

Since in the previous response, the chatbot highlighted the victory of the BJP, in the next question, a specific question was asked on the chances of the Congress winning the Karnataka elections.

Google’s chatbot then said that it was possible that Rahul Gandhi’s party could win the state. In addition, Bard said: “The party has been out of power in the state for six years, and there is a growing sense of dissatisfaction with the BJP government. The Congress has also been able to unite its various factions and has a strong base of workers on the ground.” Have a strong cadre.”

But it continued to react saying that “BJP is the existing party, and its organization is strong. The BJP is also hoping to capitalize on the Hindutva wave sweeping across the country.

Again in this response, Bard recounts four factors that he believes will play a role in deciding the fate of the parties in Karnataka and states that “it is still too early to say who will win, but the Congress has a have a chance”.