Bigg Boss Tamil 5: Contestants resort to physical fight during Ticket to Finale task

The ticket to finale task of Bigg Boss Tamil 5 is in full swing from 27th December.

A promo shared by Vijay TV shows the fight between Priyanka and Thamrai.

With three more weeks left for the grand finale of Bigg Boss Tamil 5, the ticket to finale task is in full swing from December 27. After the task is over this week, the show will get the first finalist of this season. The countdown to the finale officially began on December 27 when the family members were asked to nominate two fellow inmates in front of everyone. In today’s episode, the contestants will be seen doing the second task of Ticket to Finale. The episode will see some heated arguments between the contestants.

In today’s episode, the contestants have been given the task of saving eggs from others. Each housewife will be given 10 eggs and the one who will save the most number of eggs from breaking will be the winner of this contest, a promo released by Vijay TV show.

In the first promo, it is shown that Raju breaks the eggs given to Pavani and she cries after that. Today is the 86th day of the reality show Bigg Boss Tamil 5 hosted by Kamal Haasan.

The other two promos released by Vijay TV show that some of the contestants in today’s episode will even resort to physical fighting. The promo shows a fight between Priyanka and Thamrai.

In the episode of Ticket to Finale, all the other contestants have nominated each other and one of them will be eliminated this Sunday. The eight housemates battling for the trophy are Amir, Sibi, Nirup, Pavani, Priyanka, Raju, Thamrai and Sanjeev. Only the top 5 contestants will enter the finale and three will be eliminated in the coming days.

In the episode aired on December 27, Bigg Boss held a dinner party for the family members after the nomination process.

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