Bigg Boss Marathi Season 4: Former Contestants Join Finalists For Finale Dance Performance

Last Update: January 07, 2023, 15:48 IST

Bigg Boss Marathi Season 4, after a tumultuous journey of over three months, is inching towards its end. The show has seen many ups and downs with a mix of emotional and hilarious moments. Good or bad, the journey of Bigg Boss will always be memorable for the contestants. This season of Bigg Boss Marathi has been full of surprises. One such recent surprise that was seen in the show is the re-entry of the evicted contestants. These players will not be a part of the game but will stay in the house till the grand finale. This is one of the rituals of Bigg Boss, which is done to boost the morale of the contestants.

In the latest episode, you will see the entry of those people who will once again be a part of Bigg Boss journey with the top 5 finalists. These former contestants are also here for the grand finale dance performance. Yes, in the grand finale, the contestants will dance in pairs. For this, Bigg Boss also invited professional dancers to join him.

The top 5 finalists are Amrita Dhongde, Akshay Kelkar, Kiron Mane, Rakhi Sawant and Apoorva. Aaron Welankar was nominated in the mid week eviction. After being evicted, Aron made serious allegations against Bigg Boss. In an interview with ETimes, he questioned the nominations of this year’s season. He said, ‘There were many twists in the fourth season of Bigg Boss. Prasad Jawade and Amrita Deshmukh were good contestants. I was also shocked when both of them left the house. I was seeing him in the top 5 finalists. The unqualified contestants are in the house and the eligible contestants are evicted.”

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