Bigg Boss 16: Tina Datta Cries Inconsolably As Soundarya Sharma Accuses Her of Stealing Tofu

Last Update: December 08, 2022, 18:07 IST

There was a war of words between Tina Dutta and Soundarya Sharma in Bigg Boss 16 house.

There was a war of words between Tina Dutta and Soundarya Sharma in Bigg Boss 16 house.

Tina Dutta lashed out at Soundarya Sharma after she accused her of stealing food in Bigg Boss 16.

Tina Dutta is upset with Soundarya Sharma in the Bigg Boss 16 house. In a recent promo, the two can be seen arguing with each other after Soundarya accuses the actress of stealing tofu. The promo begins with Shalin Bhanot asking Tina if she is fine. On this she tells him that she has not eaten anyone’s food. “I didn’t take her tofu, Sha. That’s what she says every time I take her food. Why would I take her food? She tells me all the time that things aren’t right with me,” says Tina.

After this Soundarya also comes in the room and interrupts Tina saying that she is crying over wrong issues. She further accuses him of exaggerating things. “It’s exaggeration on another level,” she says. For this, Tina loses her temper and lashes out at Soundarya. she says. “I feel bad because every time she accuses me of stealing her food,” Tina adds.

Soundarya leaves the room while Tina tells Shaleen that she is now able to understand others’ games. She breaks down claiming that Soundarya is trying to make her a ‘villain’.

This comes a day after Soundarya tried to tell Shaleen that he is a good person and also indirectly took a dig at Tina for failing to understand her. “Shaleen you are a very nice person,” she said to Shaleen. While the actor thought about the context in which Soundarya was saying this, he then asked Tina, “What do you think?” However, Tina refused to answer, following which Soundarya taunted, “Itne time mein itna bhi nahi chahta hai.” Ankit Gupta, who was listening to the whole conversation, also jokingly said, ‘In the voice of Bigg Boss, what a shame…’.

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