Bigg Boss 16 Day 68 updates: Sreejita De re-enters as wildcard, Soundarya argues with Tina and Shiv over tofu

New Delhi: It’s another day in the Bigg Boss house and we are back with the updates. The Episode starts with Tina and Shaleen discussing their issues. Tina breaks down saying I will not talk to you then who? Bigg Boss while addressing the contestants says that the show is going on very boring and I am worried about the show and the audience. He says someone suggested that yoga can help and hence meet the girl. And it’s none other than Sreejita Dey! Bigg Boss welcomes him as a yoga expert. She calls Nimrit first and says you are very strong. Then she calls Ankit and says you are in love now. She then calls Sumbul and asks him to show that he is not spineless.

Sreejita then calls Tina and they get into an argument because of their dislike for each other. Sreejitha tells him that he needs to let go of his negativity. Bigg Boss then asks Sreejita if she really wants to go back to the house. She says yes, I would like to spread positive energy. Bigg Boss then welcomes Sreejita inside the house. Tina gets upset. She hugs Shalin and then looks at the camera to mock Tina.

Shalin discusses hugging Tina. Sreejita tells Soundarya and Nimrit that Tina is a gold digger. Priyanka and Ankit get into an argument and she says that he uses others for his own benefit.

Tina and Soundarya get into an argument over tofu. Soundarya says vegetarian options can be taken from other person’s room as not everyone can afford it. Tina breaks down in front of Shalin saying Soundarya is blaming me for taking her tofu. Soundarya comes and they again get into a heated argument. Soundarya says she is unnecessarily blaming me. Soundarya says she is doing this to get attention as Sreejitha has come.

After this, Bigg Boss asks all the housemates to collect the ration, but they all enter the shop and empty the entire ration. Bigg Boss scolds Ankit for the act of the housemates and asks him to put it back.

Shalin tries to sort things out between Tina and Sreejita by presenting them in a fun way. However, Tina is still upset with him. She then tells Sajid that I am feeling very bad here. Sajid says you might have breakdown.

Soundarya and Ankit discuss about tofu. Ankit reveals that Shiv wants tofu for protein intake. Soundarya says but this is my only option. She returns it back to Shiv and says this may be another option for you but this is the only option for me. Soundarya says I had given in writing about my food choice as tofu.

A heated argument ensues between Soundarya and Shiva. Soundarya shouts about the food and Archana tells her that I will get tofu for you next time.

That’s it for today, stay tuned for more updates!