Bigg Boss 15: Rakhi Sawant asks Karan Kundrra to marry Tejashwi Prakash, this is how her reaction

With just a few weeks left for the finale, the relationship and equations in Bigg Boss 15 are about to change. Actors Tejashwi Prakash and Karan Kundrra who started liking each other after entering the show have also seen many ups and downs in their relationship. However, in a recent episode, the former said out loud that she loves the latter, which came as a huge relief to Tejran’s fans. Now contestant Rakhi Sawant has suggested that both should get married.

While talking to Karan, Rakhi said, “mai kya bol rahi hoon, ladki bahut acchi hai. Sab kuch accha hai. March me tere ko bola hai shaadi ka, isi see kar le.”

Karan blushed listening to Rakhi and said that little did he know that he would fall in love in this show? “Main kal Teju ko yahi bol raha tha ‘Teju hum pehle andar ghusne me dare hue the andar ja k kya hoga.. ab mai dara hua hoon jaa ke kya hoga.”

Meanwhile, Rakhi Sawant’s husband Ritesh recently got eliminated. Till his entry, people were skeptical about Rakhi’s marriage. Ritesh is an NRI software professional who hails from Bihar and currently resides in Belgium. Well, despite his presence on the show, people cannot believe that he is Rakhi’s husband. Things went south when pictures of him with his wife Snigdha Priya and a son went viral. In an interview with ETimes, Snigdha had said that she is still married to him, and she was shocked to see him as Rakhi’s husband.

Now after being evicted from his house, Ritesh admits that he is not divorced yet, but those who think that he is morally wrong should first listen to his side as well. “Just because a woman has leveled allegations against a man, doesn’t mean she should be wrong,” he said. The former Bigg Boss 15 contestant said that he has kept quiet as he has no intention of talking about his personal life. Ritesh told that he too was silent for the sake of his child. “It has ruined my life but I do not want to do that to my children. (He has spoiled my life, I do not spoil my child’s life),” he said.

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