Bigg Boss 15: Karan Kundrra holds Tejashwi Prakash in his lap during the task; Tejran fans are in meltdown

Looks like a romance is brewing between Karan Kundrra and him bigg boss 15 Co-contestant Tejashwi Prakash. Karan and Tejasswi share a great bond on the show and are often seen supporting each other during the functions. Recently, in a captaincy task, Tejashwi fell ill and was suffering from persistent cough. Karan thought that she was suffocating and immediately lifted her in his arms and took her inside the house.

A video from the live feed shared by fans of Karan and Tejashwi on social media shows how Tejashwi started coughing continuously after throwing talcum powder on their faces during the task. As she kept coughing, Karan held her in his arms and went to the medical room. However, she later told him that she was faking it.

Bigg Boss 15: Karan Kundrra confesses that he has a crush on Tejashwi Prakash

Meanwhile, a new promo of Colors TV shows 29-year-old Tejashwi and 37-year-old Karan discussing who they should date. Tejasswi tells Karan, “We should date someone who is 45. To which, he quickly replies, “No,” before adding, “He must be 10 or 12 years younger than me. A clearly blushing Tejasvi says, “Look, you need me!”

Tejran, as Tejasswi and Karan fans fondly call them, Twitter fandom is on the decline as their favorite couple is getting closer to each other. One fan wrote, ‘When she came to know that she was fine and acting… she was relieved. This scene took my whole heart…” (sic) Another said, “The way he makes her look like she’s the only girl in the whole world!”

Recently, Karan was heard saying to Akasa Singh, “You already know, I have a crush on him (Tejashwi Prakash). Hai woh comedy life mein thki si, (she has a witty nature) extremely cute hai, acchi bandi hai (she is very sweet and a nice girl).

Akasa assures that Tejashwi has feelings for her too, but added that there is nothing on his part. Karan had earlier told Tejashwi, ‘I love you very much. I have expression issue. I am telling you this, that I need to be empowered. So now that you know, I’ll be there for you.”

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