Bigg Boss 15: Donal Bisht hints at the bond formed by the makers of Karan Kundrra and Tejashwi Prakash

In a recent interview, Donal Bisht hinted that Karan Kundrra and Tejaswi Prakash’s bond in the show has been fabricated by the makers.

Dinal Bisht, who was evicted from Bigg Boss 15 last week, has made some shocking statements about Karan Kundrra and Tejasvi Prakash’s blossoming romance.

Television actor Karan Kundrra and Tejashwi Prakash grow closer bigg boss 15 The city has been discussed. The actors have been grabbing limelight for their chemistry and love for each other. While the audience is loving the chemistry of ‘Tejran’, there are some who are extremely skeptical about their bond and believe that it was coined by the makers of Bigg Boss for TRP. Now adding fuel to the fire, a clip of Donal Bisht’s interview with VJ Andy has made its way to the internet. The actress, who was evicted from the house after being evicted last week, has made some shocking statements about Karan and Tejashwi’s blossoming romance.

During the interview, when Andy asked her if #Tejran was coined by Bigg Boss, the actress replied that some contestants like Karan, Jai, Akasa and Simmba were constantly being called to the confession room. However, she shared that when she asked him about what had happened in the confession room, he said it was for something personal. She also said that one day Karan was really worried and in deep thought after coming back from the confession room.

Well! If any of Donal’s claims turns out to be true then it will be a huge disappointment for #Tejran lovers and Bigg Boss fans.

Meanwhile, Karan was seen confessing his love feelings for Tejashwi during a conversation with Akasa Singh in the previous episode. He is seen telling Akasa that he has a crush on Tejasvi. As the two were chatting after the lights went off in the Bigg Boss house, Akasa teases them by saying that she thinks someone in the house has a crush on her as she pointed towards Tejashwi. However, Karan denied this and said that he has a crush on Tejashwi. He also called her funny and extremely cute.

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