Big blow to Imran Khan, will face no-confidence motion on April 9, Pakistan Supreme Court’s decision

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan (right)
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Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan (right)


  • Imran Khan has suffered a major setback after the Supreme Court ordered a no-confidence motion on Saturday.
  • Supreme Court termed the President and Deputy Speaker’s move as constitutional
  • Opposition leaders welcomed the decision of the Supreme Court

In a major setback for caretaker Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan, the Supreme Court on Thursday termed as “unconstitutional” the deputy speaker’s decision to dismiss the no-confidence motion and the president’s move to dissolve the national assembly. The Supreme Court said that Khan will have to face the no-confidence motion on April 9.

Pakistan’s top court also said in its order that the Election Commission will decide when to hold the elections.

The Supreme Court said that the Prime Minister cannot ask the President to dissolve the Assembly as a motion is pending against the PM.

A large bench of the Supreme Court of Pakistan declared the deputy speaker’s decision unconstitutional in a unanimous decision. The court overruled the decision and the subsequent steps, including the dissolution of the National Assembly.

A five-member bench of Pakistan’s Supreme Court heard the arguments of Khan’s lawyers, his opposition and the country’s President before adjourning on Thursday.

After the Supreme Court’s decision, Imran Khan tweeted that he would address the country on Friday night. , read more

Khan wrote in his letter, “I have called a cabinet meeting tomorrow as well as our parliamentary party meeting and tomorrow evening I will address the nation. My message to our country is that I will always fight for Pakistan till the last ball and I will be.” Tweet.

The opposition welcomed the Supreme Court’s decision and Leader of Opposition (LoP) Shahbaz Sharif said, “…today will be remembered in golden words in the history of Pakistan. We would like to thank the heads, allies of all the opposition parties.” who joined us to speak for the truth and for the adversaries. Those who listened to their conscience called a spade a spade.”

Former Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, who is in London, also reacted to the development and said, “I want to congratulate everyone in the country. People have got rid of the man who ruined the country.” It made common people hungry. Dollar has reached 200 today and people are disappointed with inflation in the country.”

Earlier, Imran Khan on Sunday dissolved parliament and set the stage for early elections after accusing his opposition of working with the United States. After he was abandoned by several members of his own party and a key coalition partner, his political opponents reached parliament with more than the 172 votes needed to oust him.

Pakistan’s Deputy Parliamentary Speaker Qasim Suri had the right to reject the no-confidence motion.

Suri rejected the proposal when Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry, Khan’s close aide, accused the opposition of being treacherous to the state by colluding with a foreign power – the United States – for a regime change.

Khan, in his address to the nation, said earlier that Americans want him to go “personally” because of what he describes as his independent foreign policy, which is often in favor of China and Russia. Khan has also been a strong critic of Washington’s war on terrorism.

The US State Department issued a statement denying the allegations.

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