Big Blow For MS Dhonis CSK, Ben Stokes To Miss IPL 2024 Due To THIS Reason

In a significant blow to MS Dhoni’s Chennai Super Kings (CSK), England Test captain and dynamic all-rounder Ben Stokes has opted out of the IPL 2024 season. The decision, announced through an official statement by CSK, is centered around Stokes’ commitment to managing his workload and maintaining peak fitness.


Ben Stokes, 32, joined the Chennai Super Kings ahead of the IPL 2023, adding firepower to the team’s already formidable lineup. His recent stint in the ODI World Cup 2023, for which he came out of retirement, showcased his unwavering commitment to the game. However, the toll of continuous cricketing commitments has prompted Stokes to prioritize his physical well-being.

The Official Statement

CSK released an official statement on November 23, 2023, confirming Ben Stokes’ unavailability for the IPL 2024 season. The team expressed solidarity with Stokes’ decision, emphasizing the importance of managing his workload effectively. The statement highlighted the upcoming challenges for the English all-rounder, including a demanding 5-Test series in India preceding the IPL, followed by the T20 World Cup in June 2024.

Managing Workload and Fitness

Stokes, known for his explosive batting and game-changing performances, understands the necessity of balancing cricketing commitments. With England gearing up for a rigorous Test series against India, followed by the T20 World Cup, the all-rounder aims to be in peak physical condition. This strategic move not only safeguards his long-term career but also ensures that he remains an asset to both England and CSK in the future.

CSK’s Supportive Stance

The Chennai Super Kings management has expressed unwavering support for Ben Stokes’ decision. Acknowledging the challenges posed by an intense cricketing calendar, CSK values Stokes’ dedication to both national and franchise commitments. The team’s management believes that this decision reflects the player’s responsible approach to sustaining a high level of performance.

Impact on CSK’s Campaign

Stokes’ absence will undoubtedly leave a void in the CSK lineup. His ability to turn the game with both bat and ball has been a key asset for the team. CSK will now need to strategize and explore alternative options to maintain their competitive edge in the IPL 2024 season. The absence of a player of Stokes’ caliber presents both challenges and opportunities for the team.