Bhaskar Ground Report: When the crowd of devotees increased, the government raised its hands, due to more rounds, mules were affected; more than 100 dead

DehradunOne hour agoAuthor: Manmeet

It has been 22 days since Kedarnath Yatra started in Uttarakhand, but the administration is still unable to make smooth arrangements. Due to non-availability of helicopters, devotees are forced to go by mule and horse. Here, the mule owner is making 3 trips to a mule with the greed of money, due to which more than 100 mules have died so far.

At the same time, after death, mules are being thrown into the Mandakini river falling on the Kedarnath trek, due to which the Mandakini river falling on the footpath is becoming ‘dirty’.

There are about five thousand mules and horses for the devotees on the 19 kilometer footpath of Kedarnath. Helicopter booking facility is there, but due to not enough helicopters most people go on mules. In order to earn more money, mules are made to make three rounds in a day. The bodies of more than 100 mules killed so far due to less fodder and hard work are rotting in Mandakini. According to Dr. Praveen Pawar, the risk of diseases is increasing due to this.

So far 1.25 lakh pilgrims have completed the journey by horse and mules.

So far 1.25 lakh pilgrims have completed the journey by horse and mules.

Yatra started after snowfall, then devotees gathered
Kedarnath Yatra once again resumed on Wednesday after 2 days of snowfall. After which thousands of devotees turned to Kedarnath. Due to which the police and the temple committee have to work very hard to make arrangements. On Friday also, more than 30 thousand pilgrims reached Kedarnath.

Hungry and thirsty mules run all day from base camp
It has been seen that the operator and the hawker, driving the mule-horses from Gaurikund, stop directly at the base camp Kedarnath and after feeding a little bit of gram and chaff, they are again run to the bottom. Despite all the claims, there is no provision of hot water for horse and mule at any place on the footpath.

Local people told – temple committee took steps
Due to the fear of illness, the local people have demanded the disposal of the carcasses of the mules from the temple committee. On the other hand, District Magistrate Mayur Dixit said that instructions have been given to take appropriate action in this regard. It is also being ensured by the administration that more rounds should not be made by mules.

Since the beginning of Chardham Yatra, 84 people have died so far.

Since the beginning of Chardham Yatra, 84 people have died so far.

Chardham: 84 people died so far
Since the beginning of this year’s Chardham Yatra, 84 people have died in 24 days. The Health Department of Uttarakhand has issued an appeal that people who had corona last year and were admitted to the ICU during treatment should avoid traveling. According to government data, 90 people died in 2019, 102 in 2018 and 112 in 2017 during the entire Chardham Yatra.

Co-morbid beware
Doctors say that co-morbid people should take special precautions. The pilgrims coming from the plains are unable to adjust according to the cold weather of Kedarnath Badrinath. The cause of death of most of the devotees is hypothermia (excessive cold).

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