Bhansali Reveals Actress’ Emotional Struggle On Heeramandi Set

Director Sanjay Leela Bhansali recounted a tense moment on the set of his debut streaming series, Heeramandi: The Diamond Bazaar, involving actor Richa Chadha. In an interview with India Today, Bhansali admitted he lost patience with Richa when she struggled to deliver the performance he expected during an elaborate shot in the song “Masoom Dil Hai Mera.”

Despite her efforts, Bhansali felt her performance wasn’t landing, and after some frustration, he expressed his displeasure. This led to Richa becoming visibly upset.

Bhansali explained that he decided to channel the real emotions Richa was experiencing into the shot. He noted that the anger and humiliation on her face stemmed from their heated exchange.

Unlike some actors who might have stormed off in anger, Richa understood the importance of the scene and persevered. When she finally nailed the shot, the crew erupted in applause, and both Bhansali and Richa apologised to each other for their earlier words.

The filmmaker highlighted that such moments sometimes require pushing the actor to reach a particular emotional state, even if it creates real tension. Reflecting on the scene, Bhansali observed that Richa’s tears were genuine, and she maintained her anger and frustration throughout the performance.

Previously, Richa mentioned being made to give 99 retakes for a shot that didn’t make the final cut. Bhansali’s demanding nature on set, often described as ‘obsessive,’ leads to him losing his temper when his vision isn’t realised. Heeramandi was released on Netflix on May 1 to mixed reviews.


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