Bhabi Ji actor Kishore Bhanushali: Lost many acting opportunities because of being Dev Anand’s look-alike | The Times of India

“Adi Irani recommended me to his brother Indra Irani Ji, who was working on the film ‘Dil’ with Amir Khan and Madhuri. He invited me to meet him at the Parsi house, now known as the famous Mannat (Shah Rukh Khan house). I was cast in a crowd sequence on the first day, but I was happy that after years of struggle, I had the opportunity to work in a film. I did something very amusing inside the crowd while giving a shot, which impressed Indra sir, and the next day, he allowed me to share the screen with Anupam Kher Ji, which I did in a single shot, making Amir Khan and others impressed. Indra sir cast me as a supporting actor throughout the film, for which I received an award from BR Chopra sir. I have been acting, singing, and doing stand-up comedy since that day, and I intend to keep doing it,” shares the actor.