Best Scooter Brands In India – From Honda To Ola Electric

Best scooter brands in India: Scooters rule the roads in India as they combine agility, fuel efficiency and convenience. With a plethora of brands offering a wide range of options to meet the diverse needs of consumers, it becomes tricky to choose the best. We bring you a list of some of the best scooter brands in India, highlighting their strengths and popular offerings. From TVS’s tech-packed offerings to Suzuki’s comfort, Honda’s legendary reliability and Hero’s affordability, make an informed decision to pick the perfect scooter brand.

1. Honda: The legacy of reliability

When it comes to scooters, Honda reigns supreme in India. Honda is well-known for its reliability and low-maintenance engines, which is why scooters from the brand make a popular choice amongst daily commuters. Activa is undoubtedly Honda’s crown jewel and has dominated the market for ages. Its latest iteration, the Activa 6G, carries forward the legacy. The Activa 6G comes with a 109.51cc engine, delivers decent fuel efficiency and offers a comfortable ride. Another pocket-friendly and stylish option from Honda is the Dio.

2. TVS: Innovation meets performance

Known for their focus on innovation and technology, TVS has become one of the major players in the Indian scooter market. Their feature-rich offerings include the NTorq 125, a sporty scooter powered by a 124.8cc engine. Interestingly, the NTorq is the first scooter to have Bluetooth connectivity. This scooter can be a perfect choice for those looking for a comfortable ride. For those seeking a clean and green ride, TVS also offers the iQube electric scooter with 100kms range claimed by the company.

3. Suzuki: A blend of style and comfort

Offering a blend of style, comfort and performance, scooters from Suzuki are quite popular. Their flagship scooter, the Suzuki Access 125, combines power and mileage with the brand’s SEP technology. Another popular offering from Suzuki is the Burgman Street 125, which returns a claimed mileage of 48 kmpl. The Suzuki Burgman Street gets its power from a 124 cc engine.

4. Hero: Value for money champions

Offering excellent value for money with their scooters, Hero MotoCorp is a household name in India. One of the popular choices from this brand is the Destini 125 Xtec, which comes equipped with a 124.6 cc engine and is available at an affordable price. Other popular offerings from Hero include the Pleasure and Maestro Edge.

5. Ola Electric: The electric revolution

Ola Electric has revolutionised the market in India with its innovative electric two-wheelers. Their flagship scooter, the S1 Pro, combines impressive range, exceptional performance and stylish design. Another affordable offering from Ola Electric is the S1 Air.

Making an informed choice

Even as the brand reputation is an important factor when buying a scooter, you must make an informed decision, going beyond the logo. Some key factors you should consider before making a final decision include performance, fuel efficiency, features and comfort.

With a diverse range of available options, the best scooter brands in India cater to diverse consumer preferences. To choose your perfect two-wheeled partner, consider the strengths of various brands, their popular offerings, and your individual needs.

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